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  • Arianna Pappone

Top Resources for English Learners and How to Use Them

The hardest part of learning a language is selecting the right set of resources and sticking to them consistently to speak confidently. This can be a hassle for many people because not using the appropriate tools can lead many to eventually give up their fluency dream. These resources should not be just books: they could be apps, videos, movies, and conversational lessons. What is important is that these resources are:

  • Dynamic: good learning entails the willingness to have fun and interact with the content. Therefore, it is important to avoid too many resources that would excessively bore you and make you want to do something else rather than studying English. Including interactive apps, movies, and journaling in your routine is a way to include dynamicity in your learning process.

  • Diverse: To learn English thoroughly, you will need good speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills. Therefore, it is important that your resources are diverse and allow you to practice each one of these skills. Only watching movies will help you understand the language, but it will not help you speaking it that much. Reading books is a great way to practice your reading skills, but it is just one part of the process. Combining diverse resources and using them consistently is key to having an overall great knowledge of the language.

  • The Right Amount: I know what it means to try to focus on many things simultaneously and then give up on all of them because it is too much to handle. English learners should try to avoid that. Therefore, choosing 5-6 diverse resources to include in your studying plan would be ideal. For example, one could study about 30 minutes a day, work 15 minutes on pronunciation through an app, and then the left 15 minutes on creative writing.

Now that you know how best to use these resources, let us look at the best to succeed. Here is a list of some great tools to use during your language learning process, listed by the skill they focus on. Some are listed twice because they can help you practice multiple skills.

Writing: Reverso Context, Grammarly, Popplet

Listening: Raiplay, Pimsleur, Netflix, ELSA, EWA

Speaking: ITalki, Pimsleur, ELSA, Say It: English Pronunciation

Reading: EWA, ELSA, English Reading Assistant, Bukus: Read Books in English


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